Razia Sultan: The Heroic Lady & the Pioneer of Women Emancipation

A big thanks to &TV for portraying Razia Sultan as a leading character in one of the serials.

“Na thi woh naumeed, na thi woh nadaan,

Beti thi to aabru bani, phir bani hukumat ki aan,

Shamsheer tha khilona, shamsheer thi zabaan,

Sakht the faisale, sakht andaz-e-bayaan,

Sirf bazuon me nahi, iradon me thi jaan

Thi woh taaz ke kaabil, tha ye faisala-e-Hindustan,

Salon aage ki soch hai, salon pehle ki dastaan.”

When Iltutmish taught his taught his daughter all the qualities and capabilities to become a ruler like leading the army and administer the kingdom, it was not only a reform but a revolution.

Razia Sultan preferred herself to be called ‘Sultan’ instead of ‘Sultana.’ A great reform took place 800 years back.

A grand salute to the brave lady first lady who sat on the throne and paved the way for other women to follow her path: to rule the nation.



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