Translation of Mujahid Ul Islam’s Poem Aitraaf (Confession) by Dr. Shamenaz


Where all the mountain-peaks,

stay covered with silvery snow.

And during winters

when the moonlight

falls on these snow-capped

enthralling mountains.

Then every glittering eye would experience

what Moses felt at Koh-e-Toor

after coming into contact with the divine lightening.

The enchanting waters of Wular, Dal and Nandan Sar

do mesmerises the hearts.

Even the autumn spreads gold everywhere.

Here the evenings of Girjan,

and the mornings of Gulmarg,

are charming indeed

For every beats, here,

the fountains leap.

And the streams dances,

like a peacock.

On the arrival of spring season

lost in his own senses

hearts leaps, sings and dances

All the languages/dialects spoken here are sweet & loving,

even if you do not understand them,

still they stir melody in your ears.

But, is the Paradise like this?

Is the bullets roar in the air there too?

Is humans beings differentiated there too?

on castes, colours and Ideologies?

Is the flower there too smells like human blood?

Is there are borders too

that bifurcates the hearts?

If everything is the same there.

Then I forsake that Paradise

You keep your paradise with you.


Published by: shamenaz

I am Associate Professor of English at AIET, Allahabad. I have a passion for reading and writing and want to earn name and fame in the Literary world.

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