A Tribute to Sher-e-Maisoor Tipu Sultan

Thy name ‘Tipu’ shines like a star,

on the sky of Indian freedom struggle.

The pioneer of Indian freedom movement,

who sacrificed his life without compromising,

against the mighty British empire,

setting an examples for generations to come.

His martyrdom paved the way,

for other revolutionary fighters,

to challenge the colonial power,

and the outcome lead to the revolution,

in history which is called as ‘the Revolt of 1857.’

We remember you as a heroic legend,

who will continue to inspire future generations,

belonging to all ethnic dimensions.

The tiger that fought so gallantry,

that it is believed by many historians,

Though his soul departed from the body,

But not his hand from the sword,

Long live, thy name, ‘Tipu Sultan.’

(Note: Tipu Sultan got martyrdom on 4th May, 1799.)


Published by: shamenaz

I am Associate Professor of English at AIET, Allahabad. I have a passion for reading and writing and want to earn name and fame in the Literary world.

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