Sanjay Chitranshi’s Poetic Penetrations

After reading ‘Poetic Penetrations’ by Sanjay Chitranshi, I felt that the writer’s situation is the result of being lived a luxurious life away from any kind of hardships, worries & tensions. Sometimes when a person is rewarded this kind of life where he is not able to face any struggle and hardships which a common man undergoes in his day-to-day life than an incompleteness engulfs him leaving the person in a state of despair, creating a void in his life and then he realizes that he is living a false life and thus tries to embark on a journey to find the real essence or meaning of life which is not the case of a common man as he faces the harsh realities of life every day. It’s my own perception, I may be wrong.


Published by: shamenaz

I am Associate Professor of English at AIET, Allahabad. I have a passion for reading and writing and want to earn name and fame in the Literary world.

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