The Dark Holds No Terrors

People say dark holds terror,

the belief which has captured,

our minds since childhood,

is it true, I don’t think so.

The dark holds no terror,

The terrors are inside us,

in our hearts and minds,

we weave it on our false belief,

on the myths and believes of others.

We nourish it unexpectedly

and slowly-slowly it stretches

like a fierce claw

on our own personality

giving us a major threat,

leading to a state of insecurity.

This fear is a mere illusion,

or just our own imagination,

which we have to overcome,

as the dark holds no terror,

but the terror are inside us.


Published by: shamenaz

I am Associate Professor of English at AIET, Allahabad. I have a passion for reading and writing and want to earn name and fame in the Literary world.

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