Translation of Nida Fazli’s Waalid ki Wafaat Par in English as On Father’s Death by Dr. Shamenaz

On Father’s Death

On Your death

I didn’t come to recite fateha

Because I know

You cannot die

Whosever had spread the news of your death

is a lair

Was it you when

A dried leaf, blown by the wind was broken

My eyes are

seized in your sight till now

Whatever I see

I think

It is the same

Your world which was based on both good and bad name

Nothing has been changed till now

Your hands

Still breathes in my fingers

Whenever I pick pen and paper to write anything

I see you sitting on my chair

Whatever blood I have in my veins

that is yours

Flows with all failures and successes

Hidden in my voices

is your mind

You are in my sickness

You are in my helplessness

Whosever had written your name on your grave

is a liar

I am buried in your grave

You are alive in me

Whenever you get time recite fateha on it.





Published by: shamenaz

I am Associate Professor of English at AIET, Allahabad. I have a passion for reading and writing and want to earn name and fame in the Literary world.

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